What's On Your Mantelpiece.. The Steeple Times

About a month ago I was honoured to be sent a series of Questions to answer for the 'What's On Your Mantelpiece' section of The Steeple Times.. This was an interesting and unique platform for me to share who I am and what I create and support as an artist.. 

Excitingly they were published today and can be seen here: http://thesteepletimes.com/movers-shakers/kate-enters-whats-on-your-mantelpiece/

Now that this article is part of the big wide world, I realise that press coverage is incredibly important... For example - the simple impact of directing new viewers to the What Is The Point? Facebook page generates confidence that you are doing something worthwhile and of interest outside your safe circle. 

As a creative you strive for validation of your projects and visions.. often you find this within your own practices.. Today however I realise that validation from external sources garners a different level of confidence that is inspiring and gratifying.

It has indeed been a rather happy boost today - thanks @steepletimes 
Kate xx