The Artists of Vout-O-Reenee's - Drawing, Collage and Print

On Thursday 9th July 2015 - in the midst of a London tube strike - the Summer exhibition of the artists of Vout-O-Reenee's opened at The Stash Gallery with a wonderful turn out of guests responding beautifully to the salon style exhibition of drawings, collages and prints.. 

Curated by yours truly I thoroughly enjoyed the process and collaboration with these artists.. and as a curator the biggest compliment of the evening was a guest stating that they felt they had been led around the exhibition but without having their hand held.. I couldn't have asked for a better testimonial!

The exhibition is on until the 13th of August and I thought I would share my introduction text with you to entice you to visit the show.. Let me know though if you do as I would be pleased to meet you to raise a glass at Vout-O-Reenee's

Artists of 

Anna Jung Seo - Brendan Reaney - Carson Parkin-Fairley - Christopher Roberts
Darren Coffield - Fiona Brenninkmeyer - Frances Daffern - Francis Akpata
Gary Hazell - Helen & Colin David - Hercules Fisherman - James Birch - Julia Hamilton
Kate Enters - KEELERTORNERO - Laura Fishman - Lucy Ash - mORGANICo
Michele Howarth Rashman - Natasha de Samarkandi - Paul Sakoilsky - Silvia Estevez  
Sir Terry Frost - Sophie Parkin - The DnA Factory - Wilma Johnson
George Melly/Michael Woods - Patrick Hughes - Sarah Lucas

Curated by Kate Enters

Vout-O-Reenee’s Members Group Show 2015

Drawing, Collage & Print

An introduction by Kate Enters

It is perhaps against societies desire for all singing all dancing entertainment to curate an exhibition focussing on traditionally quieter art forms. However the potential for entertainment is most certainly still there and I had an inkling that the artists of Vout-O-Reenee’s would provide an interesting tapestry of artworks celebrating these mediums.

I wasn’t wrong and was delighted to see artworks being submitted that with humour and an occasional healthy dose of irreverent charm stretched the boundaries of these mediums. This when mixed with the beautifully traditional forms of print, drawing and collage works also selected meant a creative hang would be needed.

As a curator you often can’t plan an exhibition until the art is laid out in front of you - especially with a group show of artist members, you’ve not worked with before. Putting the jigsaw pieces together is part of the fun even if it was like herding cats. I knew that I wanted the hang to be an eclectic mix of work that drew the viewer into the detail on show and also create a flow through the space. This meant a French salon style of exhibition hanging and I believe this suits both the gallery space and Vout-O-Reenee’s .

With huge thanks to Sophie and Jan for giving me the wonderful opportunity. And thanks of course to the artists of Vout-O-Reenee’s – without you this couldn’t have taken place!

Kate Enters - 9th July 2015
Kate is an artist and the founder/curator of What Is The Point? – an arts initiative supporting contemporary artists.
What Is The Point? will be exhibiting at the Mall Galleries in September 2015 and featuring art works from 35 international artists drawing inspiration from, and attempting to answer the question, ‘What Is The Point?’