Alexander Calder - Playing with Shadows

Yesterday evening, I visited the Tate Modern and delighted in the Alexander Calder exhibition. His exploration of kinetics and simplistic shapes reminds you of the easy delight you have as a child in things that are colourful and move. 

I was already familiar with his mobiles and pendulum pieces but what I loved about this exhibition was discovering his wire faces. 

These abstract portraits in wire are brought to life when you observe the distorted shadows they make and embrace those as integral to what you are looking at. I was struck with the feeling that it was these, complex yet appealing additions to the sculpture, that were more reflective of the individual’s personality. They give the faces depth and purpose and allow a possibly more realistic portrayal of the sitter to shine through.

It was very entertaining to imagine the personality of the sitter – especially as you are offered multiple versions from different angles. All being portrayed from that single starting point of the wire face. A reminder to never judge a book by it’s cover!

Do go and see them if you get the chance.
Alexander Calder – Tate Modern – on until the 3 April 2016