Art Has The Ability to Communicate Without Words

I attended the TAC Roundtable event at Acrylicize yesterday evening - Wednesday 8 February. It was chaired by Doug Gillen and the panel included: Antony Micallef, Vestalia Chilton, James Burke and Joe Turnbull.

They were asked to discuss how contemporary artists can encourage, support and strengthen protest in a meaningful way, benefitting the public more than the portfolio.

There were no new insights or solutions offered, however there was reassurance and strength to be gained from hearing similar views and opinions about the role of the artist and their status in the world during this current political unrest.

The following comments were pertinent and worth sharing:

Social Media:
People are beginning to come out of the online space
- Only snippets are shown on social media - you only show the bits you want to show and this is misleading
- Content needs to be dissected rather than accepted

Freedom of Speech:
- Art has the ability to communicate without words
- Distill the chatter into something manageable - art has this amazing ability
- Resonate - get to a 'point'
- The role of the viewer is essential to complete the conversation

The Art Market v's the Artist:
- The market causes street art and protest art to have a value that then means success stops an artists being able to create for the public - lack of freedom
- Need to be organised - artists to be aware of being a brand. Use elements of commercialism to be savvy and make change
- Can't do this alone - important to bring hubs and communities of creatives together
- Important to inspire and create dialogue

The Art:
- Authenticity is important
- Craft and hard work the route to success - don't aspire to being a 'celebrity'
- All about education - this needs to be addressed as funding getting cut
- All great artists 'love what they do'
- Creativity is process driven so be careful of being 'popular' - does not guarantee longevity of your art, craft or passion

The Artists Voice:
- Critical voices come from the arts - art is seen as a threat
- Take Donald Trump - already destroying it.
- Have you noticed that all Dictators homes and style are similar?
- Artists must continue to challenge and create - they are a threat for a reason

 Trump Fags - Antony Micallef

Trump Fags - Antony Micallef